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Bozo Skoko

How to improve the image of the justice system?


Held in Zagreb was the round table on the topic of The media on the justice system: Between news and sensation, which was organized by the Croatian Association of Judges, the Judicial Academy and the British Embassy. One of the main speakers was Božo Skoko Ph.D. who spoke about the role of court spokespersons and the possibilities of improving the image of judges.

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Cultural Diplomacy Conference


The International Cultural Diplomacy Conference, organized by the MFAEI's Diplomatic Academy and the Hanns Seidel Foundation, was held in Zagreb. Apart from European experts, participating were Božo Skoko, PhD, Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, PhD, Nina Obuljen, MSc, Tomislav Šola, PhD, Seadeta Midžić, Zorislav Lukić and others.

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Reception with the President of the Republic of Croatia


Croatian President Ivo Josipović received this year's winners of international tourist awards, including Božo Skoko, PhD, who on the occasion familiarized the President with the results of the study on Croatia's image, and presented to the President his books A State as a Brand and Croatia and its Neighbors.

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