Božo Skoko

PhD Božo Skoko

Božo Skoko is an full professor at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb, where he is head of the Public Relations postgraduate study. His scientific interests are: public relations and communications, international relations, national identity and image, as well as media. He is the co-founder of Millenium promocija, the leading Croatian public relations agency. He is a long-time strategic communications consultant. He is a former journalist and editor with Croatian Television. He is the author of seven books and over seventy scientific papers on public relations, the media and managing the identity and image of Croatia. He is a columnist with the daily newspaper Večernji list.
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New book by prof. Skoko: Strategic communicating of states

According to the appraisals of the reviewers, it is a matter of the capital part of one of the leading Croatian experts for the problematic of the strategic communicating of states.

The book deals with the role of the state as a communication subject in international relations and theoretically and practically analyses the key forms of strategic communicating of states – public diplomacy, national branding and international relations. It encompasses key approaches to this phenomenon and communication strategic and tools, used by states in international relations, that is, in the management of their own identity and image, and reputation.

The concept of the country of origin, soft power, national identity and image, intercultural communication, public, economic and cultural diplomacy, international public relations, global media, national branding, bearers of the strategic communicating of states, role of culture, creative industry, tourism, sports, way of life, leaders and gastronomy in the promotion and the development of Croatian public diplomacy – are some of the topics dealt by this book.

Along with the rich overview of theoretical approaches and concepts, the genuine contribution of the authors in the understanding of this phenomenon and creating of a new model of managing national identity and image for the purpose of achieving of international reputation, the book also brings case studies and examples of good practice from the whole world, as well as contributions of the leading Croatian and world experts, who write about the application of the strategic communicating in practice. All this makes this university textbook a complete, unavoidable and unique in the understanding and application of the strategic communicating of states. It should be noted that this is the first textbook dedicated to the phenomenon of states as communicator in international relations, that is, the strategic communicating of states in this part of Europe, and with the approach and way of the presentation of the content it is also unique in the global framework.

The book is conceived by eight chapters, that is, two volumes. The first six (included in the first volume) are authors' chapters, dedicated to the new role of the state as a brand in the global environment, intercultural communication, public diplomacy, branding of states and nations, application of international public relations and numerous examples, useful appendices and essays of global experts. The last two chapters, found in the second (editor's) part of the book bring the contributions of guest authors, leading Croatian scientists and experts for particular fields of communicating and promotion of states, that is, Croatian public diplomacy.