Božo Skoko

PhD Božo Skoko

Božo Skoko is an full professor at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb, where he is head of the Public Relations postgraduate study. His scientific interests are: public relations and communications, international relations, national identity and image, as well as media. He is the co-founder of Millenium promocija, the leading Croatian public relations agency. He is a long-time strategic communications consultant. He is a former journalist and editor with Croatian Television. He is the author of seven books and over seventy scientific papers on public relations, the media and managing the identity and image of Croatia. He is a columnist with the daily newspaper Večernji list.
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Photo-monograph Herzegovina – Land of Light released

Pervan, Skoko and Ljubičić eternalise Herzegovina

Herzegovina has gained its first modern photo-monograph after a decade of anticipation. This grand project presenting Herzegovina has gathered a team of experts in this field. The author of the photographs is one of the most awarded Croatian artistic photographers, Ivo Pervan from Split. The photo-monograph was designed by Boris Ljubičić - one of the most renowned Croatian designers in the world, while the introduction was written by Božo Skoko, PhD, who is an expert in public relations and the image of states at the University of Zagreb.

The photo-monograph “Herzegovina – Land of Light” was published by Novelti Millenium, a publishing house in Zagreb. Partners in the realisation of the project were, amongst all others, RRiF from Zagreb and Platform CMC d.o.o. agency from Sarajevo. The book is available in both Croatian and English.

The publications of the Pervan-Ljubičić photograph-design tandem have over the past few years received a number of global awards. Their monograph “Zagreb, Zagreb” won the prestigious European Design Annual award for the best European book in 2004. In the same year their “Dubrovnik” monograph was acclaimed in the USA as the most beautiful monograph in the world. Pervan and Ljubičić invested their creativity, rich experience and more than two years of dedicated work in creating the monograph on Herzegovina, and so it can be said that this work represents new content-related and designer advancement / breakthrough, which will without a doubt attract global attention to this attractive region.

The monograph on 330 pages of exceptional graphical quality and rich content brings us to date an unseen depiction of natural beauty, cultural sights, tradition and historical monuments, but also a slice of everyday life in the urban and rural areas of Herzegovina.

The word is about the so called mood photographs that speak about Herzegovina through various seasons of the year, weather conditions and the times of the day, representing its compelling charm and the beauty of this region… Testimony to the serious approach to the project is the fact that the photographs were taken over a two year period in hundreds of locations throughout Herzegovina. The book in this unique and unrepeatable manner depicts Herzegovina as a rich region in diversity and contradictions, tearing down the stereotypes and unveiling the concealed. All the inhabitants of this region have now gained a work in which they can be proud while visitors to this region, particularly guests of Mostar and Medjugorje, will be able to take with them a lasting memento of this region of rock, sun and water. This photo-monograph received its title owing to Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić, who was fascinated with the beauty, expressive and colours of light while staying in Mostar.

The monograph's preview (flashbook), order form and contact information is available at website: