Božo Skoko

PhD Božo Skoko

Božo Skoko is an full professor at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb, where he is head of the Public Relations postgraduate study. His scientific interests are: public relations and communications, international relations, national identity and image, as well as media. He is the co-founder of Millenium promocija, the leading Croatian public relations agency. He is a long-time strategic communications consultant. He is a former journalist and editor with Croatian Television. He is the author of seven books and over seventy scientific papers on public relations, the media and managing the identity and image of Croatia. He is a columnist with the daily newspaper Večernji list.
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Promotion of Book Entitled Hrvatski identitet

Presentation on and discussion about new book in the Matrix Croatica bookstore

Held in the Matrix Croatica bookstore in Zagreb was the promotion of the book entitled Hrvatski identitet, as well as discussions on this topic. The speakers were: Božo Skoko, PhD, Academician Stjepan Damjanović, Sanja Nikčević, PhD and Zorislav Lukić. In question is the most in-depth book dedicated to Croatian identity published thus far in Croatia.

Hrvatski identitet is a new book published by Matrix Croatica, bringing the papers of eighteen Croatian authors familiar with these issues, dealing with various aspects of national identity - from its defining, crisis and preservation, to promotion and re-defining upon EU accession. In question is the most in-depth work of its kind published after Croatia's independence, which brings the results of scientific research, as well as the authors' reflections on Croatia's identity. Also symbolic is its moment of origin - the twentieth anniversary of Croatian independence, and before Croatia's full membership in the European Union, which will certainly contribute to raise interest in this book. Editors of the book are Zorislav Lukić and Božo Skoko, while the authors are: Josip Bratulić, Slaven Letica, Ljubomir Antić, Božo Skoko, Tonči Matulić, Ranko Matasović, Mladen Klemenčić, Davorin Rudolf, Jure Vujić, Ante Stamać, Tuga Tarle, Sanja Nikčević, Frano Prcela, Ivan Markešić, Tomislav Šola, Vladimir Peter Goss, Feđa Vukić and Nikola Albaneže. The book is a collection of scientific papers from the conference dedicated to Croatian identity, held in Zagreb in May 2009.