Božo Skoko

PhD Božo Skoko

Božo Skoko is an full professor at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb, where he is head of the Public Relations postgraduate study. His scientific interests are: public relations and communications, international relations, national identity and image, as well as media. He is the co-founder of Millenium promocija, the leading Croatian public relations agency. He is a long-time strategic communications consultant. He is a former journalist and editor with Croatian Television. He is the author of seven books and over seventy scientific papers on public relations, the media and managing the identity and image of Croatia. He is a columnist with the daily newspaper Večernji list.
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Reception with the President of the Republic of Croatia

With the President on the development of Croatian tourism and branding of Croatia

Croatian President Ivo Josipović received this year's winners of international tourist awards, including Božo Skoko, PhD, who on the occasion familiarized the President with the results of the study on Croatia's image, and presented to the President his books A State as a Brand and Croatia and its Neighbors.

Croatian President Ivo Josipović received the delegates of the International Tourism, Film and Landscape Festival (INTERSTAS), the International Tourfilm Festival (ITF'CRO) and the laureates - winners of the international tourism awards POVELJA FEST and ZLATNI INTERSTAS 2011, which are awarded by the European Federation of Tourism Journalists. On the occasion President Josipović was presented the special ZLATNI INTERSTAS award since the 18th INTERSTAS (International Tourism, Film and Landscape Festival) and the 14th ITF’CRO International Tourfilm Festival, taking place from October 12 to 15, 2011 in Solin, were held under his high auspices, thereby highlighting President Josipović's contribution to the promotion of Croatian tourism.

President of the event Vojko Pleština emphasized that the President’s personal reputation contributed to solidify membership of this year's International Tourism, Film and Landscape Festival - INTERSTAS 2011, as well as the International Tourfilm Festival (ITF'CRO), in the membership of FEST, FIJET, ITCO, AEFP/EFE, reputable global associations for culture, tourism, tour film, tour journalism, sustainable development and environmental protection, and which will certainly result in a significant contribution to the promotion of Croatian tourism in the world.

Pleština emphasized that, thanks to these associations, the winning film from the ITF'CRO 2011 will be shown in 37 countries, and it will be seen by over 100 million television viewers.

"This is a wonderful contribution to the promotion of Croatian tourism, therefore, we sincerely thank President Josipović, who recognized the cultural, tourism and promotional value of this event. His reputation will significantly contribute to these events taking an even stronger position in the stated international associations", said Pleština. He reminded that Croatia entered the European Association for Flowers and Landscape, with seat in Brussels, in 2003 as the 12th country of the association.

Croatian cities and towns were thereby made eligible for the Golden Flower of Europe Award, and the winners of the awards for 2011 were presented to Josipović: the City of Varaždin, winner of the Silver Flower of Europe 2011, as well as Croatian candidates for the Golden Flower of Europe Award 2012 - the cities of Osijek and Nin.

Božo Skoko, PhD, as this year's winner of the European Federation of Tourism Journalists Award for his contribution to the development of tourism through his academic activities, familiarized the Croatian President on the occasion on studies conducted to date on the image of Croatia in the region and Europe, and stressed the importance of strengthening Croatia's identity and the need of branding Croatia in the context of the forthcoming EU accession. Skoko presented to the President his book A State as a Brand as the first theoretical book on the issue in this part of Europe and the book Croatia and Its Neighbors, which presents the results of an extensive study on the image of Croatia in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia.